Learning How To Draw

Drawing is an art, quite literally, but people don’t understand that everyone can and has the ability to draw. Even a stick man is a start believe it or not, they are the building blocks of learning how to draw. You don’t have to spend hours on end every day practising to become a good artist you just need patience, creativity and a pencil/pen and paper. To start you will want to draw silly things such as stick men, doodles are a great way to introduce your way into drawing as it gets creative juices flowing without you realizing.


Once you’ve become the master of doodles and want to move a stage further then you can start drawing more specific things. They don’t have to be the best artwork in the world, as long as someone can distinguish what it is you’re on the right path. Draw simple things such as cats, dogs, flowers etc and get people to critique them. I know you don’t want to hear how awful the drawing is but getting feedback is extremely helpful and can help you to see a bigger picture.

Next you move onto maybe adding colour in some way, firstly with just block colour just like in childrens colouring books and then moving onto shading a little. Practise can make perfect, but you don’t have to go too crazy if all you want to do is be able to draw basic things. You need to make sure you are drawing a variety of things rather than just the one thing, just drawing one thing will make you think you are improving when you’re kind of not. Of course if you draw the same thing over and over it will look better with each turn, but then that’s all you’ll be able to draw. Variety is everything when it comes to art, if you don’t learn that early on then it can hinder you.

Then you move into more serious drawing, effectively GCSE level art. This will start with life drawings of fruit bowls and such to see how you perceive a certain view and it also tests all that you will have learnt so far. You’ll also need to start creating “scenes”, such as a woman sat in a park or an aeroplane in the sky from nothing but memory and a selection of pictures as a reference. Reference drawing is much easier to learn, beginning with simple tracing and then eventually trying to copy the drawing yourself from nothing but vision.

A good trick is to see everything as shapes, you learn shapes as a child and it’s something we all know. A plane for example would be a sausage shape with triangular wings and tail. You can always draw over this and rub out the beginning lines you used as guidance, that is the beauty of using a pencil over a pen or felt tip. Just remember that no matter what you draw, you are improving, even if you don’t like what you’ve done. Keep a positive frame of mind and don’t judge yourself before others, being a perfectionist is fine as long as you know your true ability.


The Gentleman’s Accessory Guide

A gentleman is a man of great honour and sophistication. Back in the day a gentleman was a man’s man and did manly things like drive cars and drink whiskey but the modern age gentleman is a man who has a softer side, and takes care of himself as well as his woman. Fashion has always been dominated by the ladies but men need advice too. So, that said, I give to you the gentleman’s accessory guide, giving you visual tips from dapper ties to luscious kicks.

mens accessories

Kate Moss – Then & Now

So it is fair to say that Kate Moss is one of the more well known models in the fashion industry but you might be surprised to hear that she has been modelling since 1988! That’s right, she saw 90’s, noughties and todays fashion trends and is still modelling to this very day, featuring in adverts for Rimmel London and has her own clothing collections in Topshop and Mango.


Here we have pictures from the very start going through to the present day of her career, enjoy!


kate moss


kate moss


kate moss


kate moss


kate moss


kate moss

Present Day…

kate moss

What Happens When You Don’t Look After A Sculpture?

Sculptures are more diverse than one might think, you can have them any kind of material and they can be kept indoors or outdoors. The more common of sculptures are made from stones, woods and metals and are either used as a statement, monument or artifact. When it comes to these materials, regular people may not see that the sculpture will need anything more than a dust every now and again but this simply isn’t the case. As sturdy as rocks and metals are they still need to be taken care of properly, even if they are not outdoors.


With outdoor sculptures, one obvious factor is the weather and people/animals. With weathering you need to be making sure that, whatever your sculpture is made from,  it has some sort of weather-proof coating to stop it from becoming mouldy, rusty or worn. With all of these you could use a weather-proof paint of some sort to protect it which can be bought from most home improvement outlets or you can acquire specialist solutions online or from professional retailers.  This can only last so long however and needs to be reapplied  every 6 months or so to make sure it gets through the hot summers and the freezing winters.

Keeping with outdoor sculptures, you need to also be accounting for animals and humans alike. Sculptures, if not protected with some sort of barrier, will always be touched and climbed on by various human beings. You need to be sure that your sculpture will be strong enough to survive the occasional destructive youth. With animals it is less towards them sitting on it but more towards their backsides. Animals all poop, and with sculptures you will occur more bird poop than any other kind on earth. The weathering protection can help somewhat in the battle against bowels but bird droppings when left can actually become seriously abrasive and toxic, which is why you see a lot of pigeons with stumpy feet. So weekly the sculpture will need a good clean, pressure washers are the best way to go with metal and stone but less effective with wood.

Indoors you will not have to worry so much about animals unless the sculpture is in your home and you own pets such as cats or dogs. In places such as museums however the protection you will need will be against peoples grubby fingers. We have lots of natural oils in our skin which can harm sculptures with excessive touching, in museums it is hard to stop people from touching the exhibits as they want to be able to touch a part of history. In these cases it is best to put up a barrier so nobody can touch it. Too much touching can cause discolouration in certain areas or can end up with dents.

Sculpture restoration is important to keep older and more historical pieces alive and well, companies such as RRConservation work tirelessly to make sure that piece marvellous pieces of art are photo ready and can handle whatever comes its way.

How To Look Like A Hipster

It is a look pulled off my many young people these days so why not join the band wagon? This is a short guide as to what you need to wear to get that “art student from Oxford” look which can be achieved on a low budget and with minimum effort! Charity shops are pretty much all you need to complete the look, so what are we looking for?


For men you want to see the following:

  • A knitted jumper that looks festive and out of season

  • A very loose fitting t-shirt with something “arty” on it

  • T-shirts with words on like “YOLO” or “NERD” on them

  • Very ill fitting tank tops that show off your entire chest bone

  • No belts, we want those pants showing!

  • Pants of various colours, to look ‘quirky’

  • Extraordinarily tight jeans or chinos

  • Canvas shoes of some sort with no sign of socks

  • Glasses with no lenses or clear glass (unless you NEED them)

  • Hair styles with either curls or with a quiff of some sort

hipster cat

For women you want to see the following:

  • Knitted jumpers again but this time with cute pictures of cats or hearts

  • Loose t-shirts with dip dye that are contrasting colours

  • T-shirts with rips or studs in them

  • Very short shorts with a high waist

  • Leggings with bold patterns on them

  • Knee length socks with ‘cute’ patterns on them

  • Crop tops in the middle of winter

  • Again with the glasses, they really like them

  • Jewellery to the nines, but made of plastic or string, home made is their favourite

  • Beanie hats, to show off that ‘tom boy’ in you

So those are the basics on what to look like, follow that guide and choose a mix of any of those clothes ro all of them in one, that would be very hipster of you. But it isn’t all about the look, you need to act and feel like one too. This is a very simple thing to do as all that needs to happen is a change of accent and a few longer words now and then. You need to sound a bit of a toff “Yah” instead of “Yeah” for example. Saying longer words randomly can help but the best is saying abbreviated words out loud like “LOL”, “BRB” and “YOLO” but also throwing in phrases such as “random”, “totes” and “awkward”. And there you have it! Now go be all the hipster you can physically be, you little scallywag.

Why It’s So Impossible To Find The Perfect Jeans

Jeans are a wonderful creation, but the perfect pair always seems to be very hard to come by. It’s a battle women have been facing worldwide for years, and we can never understand why it’s such a chore. Here we look at some of the key reasons for the demise of ‘the perfect pair.


The Size

As they say, all women come in varying shapes and sizes, and this couldn’t be more true when you’re looking for some new denim. There are a good handful of styles out there that you can consider from skinny jeans to bootcut. Size isn’t as big a problem where boyfriend jeans are concerned as they are designed to be a bit more baggy. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t fit in a pair of size 16 skinnies as sizes vary a lot depending on the brand you opt for. You also need to bare in mind that some brands only cater to a small selection of sizes. Remember that the key area that it has to fit is your thighs, so make sure they aren’t too tight to avoid too much wear.

The Colour

Jeans only used to come in various shades of blue and black, but due to the amount of technological advances we can have a pair in any colour we choose. Trouble is, for some ladies that’s just far too much choice. You’ll probably find yourself finding the perfect colour on the wrong size, and visa versa. You need to bear in mind that whatever you shade you pick it will turn slightly lighter after a few washes. Not only that, but denim is a pain when it comes to horrid stains, so try and avoid colours that are too light, unless you can be trusted!

The Price Tag

Women need jeans. It’s in their blood, and most retailers known this all too well. Because of this, they charge what they like no matter how much large profit margin already is. You’ll be lucky if you can find a pair for twice what you wanted to pay. There are however a few stores out there that can give you a good deal for your money. These include the likes of TKMaxx and New Look, who understand the plight of perfect jeans and do what they can to provide you with the best options.

You won’t find them overnight, you might not even find them for another month, but rest assured they’re out there waiting for you. For more information and deals on jeans why not see what you can discover online or down you’re local high street.

Do Children Have Too Much Choice When It Comes To Clothes?

It would appear that as of late the younger generations have taken it upon themselves to dress in a way that has slowly but surely become more and more controversial to us adults. We don’t want to limit them in any way, but we also don’t want them to take it too far past the line of acceptance. Here we take a look at some of the things that have been playing on people minds for the last few years, and what we should or shouldn’t do to tackle it.

Things Way Back When

In past times you used to see a 10 year old girl and see a modest little child with a dotty dress, a bow in her hair and a cheeky grin on her face. Today we see 10 year old girls in tiny skirts and high heels. Choice is a fine thing, but when did this become ‘normal’? You could argue that the kids aren’t completely to blame as they aren’t the ones purchasing the clothes, although there is also blame on the side of the shops selling them. Free will is both the best and worst thing about being human, and when there is no right from wrong it can be hard to judge things like this.

Getting Ahead Of Themselves

Children used to be all coy and shy, and would never say boo to a goose. Now they shout profanities at each other and go around kissing more people than a child needs to. They have all started to think that they are mature for their age, even when they’ve barely been born. Science will always prevail with that argument as it has been proved that young people don’t think in the same way adults do. But that doesn’t stop them from wanted to dress like us. We need to remember that we are the ones setting the example, so if you go around in a bra top and short shorts the chances are they will do the same.

How Far Is Too Far?

It may be that we will never know when it is right to step in and change things, if at all. As long as the shops keep selling questionable items the kids will always want to have them. To add to that, it is one thing to have one pair of heels, but it is another thing to have a whole wardrobe full of clothing that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Children that dress like teenagers are at risk of getting into some funny business, which no one wants.

What Do We Do?

When it comes to your own children you can do what you want, after all you’re the one paying. However no one knows what will happen in the long run. It’s one of those things that just gets labelled as ‘modernisation’ and not a word gets said. There are a few groups that are against these sort of clothes and are out to make a difference to the children’s clothing market, but for now it will be the same as it has been for the last few years. If you have some concerns about this or you want to discuss it with others who feel the same look around the web. There are several Q&A sites you can query and many articles that discuss similar topics.

World Famous Sculptures

The Great Sphinx – A statue made from limestone created by the ancient Egyptians hundreds of years ago. It’s the largest standing monolith statue in the world, and its actual date on construction and reasons for its erection are unknown factually. It’s clear for all to see that is it still a very old structure and worthy of its fame. Not many people know it, but this piece was carved from a single sandstone knoll. When it was new they painted the sphinx in bright colours, but it has since lost them over time, supposedly worn by the effects of torrential rain.

 The Great Sphinx

Christ the Redeemer – Everyone should know who this handsome fellow is as he sits on the top of a large hill in the heart of Rio De Janeiro. Standing at an astounding height of 30 meters, this is the 5th largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world. The statue is made from soapstone and reinforced concrete, and was constructed between 1922 and 1931. In 2008 the structure was hit by a violent bolt of lightning, which chipped away his fingers, eyebrows and head but was reconstructed within the same year. In 2010 horror struck Brazil when vandals put graffiti on the statues head and right arm, the Brazilian government even put out a reward of 10,000 Brazilian Real just for information that would lead to the arrest of the vandal.

The Lincoln Memorial – A huge part of American history, this statue of the former US president has been sat in the soul of Washington DC since 1922 after starting construction in 1914. It is sat within a white building in the style of a Greek temple, and sits opposite the Washington Monument which is another well-known sculpture. There are a total number of 87 steps leading up from the water between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Statue, and is made from marble and limestone. They even used plaster casts of Lincoln’s actual face to sculpt the statue more accurately, and Martin Luther King Jr made his world famous “I have a dream” speech at the top of its steps.

 The Lincoln Memorial

The Statue of Liberty – Yet another truly American and iconic piece of architecture. Lady Liberty herself comes in at a whopping 111 feet tall, with an 8 foot tall face and a 35 foot waistline. Not many people know this, but the statue was actually constructed twice. Once in France with the designer, and again after that in America. The statue actually served as a lighthouse from 1886 until 1902, with lights being able to shine up to 24 miles away. In 1906 the statue started to weather and became the green colour we now know, which at the time was an outrage and congress voted to paint over the statue, but was stopped by a majority vote of the general public.

The Discobolus/ The Diskobolus of Myron – Most of us have seen this Greek statue but know very little about it. The first fun fact about this statue is that the original bronze has been missing for hundreds of years. We only know it now through Roman copies of it. It was not made to show athleticism like previously thought by many a man as it was made to show rhythm, harmony and balance within human beings. One of the better known copies of the statue is situated in the British Museum in London, and is made of marble.